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Fwd: Audi 100 typ 43 : McPherson stuts, damper

You wrote:
>Dear Q-List,
>On my typ 43 model, I want to change the dampers built in the McPherson
>From my manuals, I took it is possible:
>with a special tool, then the strut doesn't need to be taken off the car
and apart..
>The tool is needed to unscrew the top-cap on the damper housing..
>I don't have the tool :-(


I bought the tool from Zelenda (see vendor list)  it was $90.00 including
shipping.  It made the damper change a 15 minute affair per side plus the
price of a re-alignment job.  You can probably buy the tool in Europe for
less money.  When you consider what your time is worth, it quickly cost
justifies itself.  Yes BTW, you can do the job without the tool with really
big pliers/channel locks but how do you get the proper torque wrench
tightening force after doing so?

I have replaced several sets of dampers for other Audi crazies like myself
here in Connecticut since.