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Re: Ur-Q collectability

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From: Phil Payne <quk@isham-research.demon.co.uk>

>In message <09f010054200e58UPIMSSMTPUSR02@email.msn.com> "Ian J Haseltine"
>> I upset (big-time) a 20V owner a few months back - we were
>> discussing an ad in the UK newsletter that was asking 20K GBP for a
>> 20V.
>We have a particular problem with the UK Newsletter and 20Vs.
>You might have noticed a certain Pearlescent White 20V being offered
>for sale earlier this year, with a telephone number curiously similar
>to the Chairman's
Exactly the same ad.

>The 20V adds a _lot_ of odd convenience features - 1985 WR/WX owners
>would be astounded by the gizmos fitted to a 20V.  Most are easy
>retrofits to an MB.
That half-leather with the 'quattro' cloth is the bit I like. Saw a set in a
wrecked 20v yesterday (stored outside, windows missing, no tarp or cover) my
good offer (good for an A1 set, very good considering that its suffered all
the elements can throw at it for at least 6 months) offer for the interior
was turned down because the owner wants to see what it turns out like after
a deep valet then he'll decide if its worth putting in his quattro.

Jim Haseltine