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dmr@kwic.com //window problems

Having BTDT with the 4KCSQ window regulator, perhaps it may apply to your
I got the same message from the dealer and contacted my favorite Audi parts
distributor in Thousand Oaks, California, "Import Car Parts" and obtained a
window regulator for approx $175.00.  The one supplied by Import Car Parts
looks NOTHING like the original and I almost returned it.  It is now in my 4K
and works wonderfully. Just follow the instructions (have faith) and drill the
hole (check twice) that is required and you will be rewarded with a power
window fix. See if your coupe is in their application catalog.  Import Car
Parts, 805/495-6458, talk to Jim or Vern. 

'86 4KCSQ  52K  (each your heart out)
'87 5KSQ  96K  (only glass sunroof in the world) 

Phil (Sdthrl)