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RE: P700Z any good?


As anyone will tell you, there are tons, and I do mean tons, of opinions
on tires.  I have owned cheap Pirellis some years ago (P6's), and they
were not very responsive. (The V rated 700's are not the same as the Z
rated ones!!!) The P6000s I replaced them with, on the other hand, were
a tad better.  I have also owned Dunlop 4000's, which were again
average, but wore out quite quickly.  The Potenza RE71's I owned were
some of the best tires I ever had the experience to own.  Try Tire
Rack's online service at www.tirerack.com for actual test result
comparisons between similar rubber.  Just from a quick perusal of the
205/50 15 tires in their EC ad, I would say the Yoko A509 are a good
bargain at $94, as well as the RE71s that you mentioned.  BUT, you know
what I'd do???  (Someone's going to disagree w/me on this)  Call up
Discount Tire Direct, and order the Nitto NT-450s from them.  At $74 a
tire, I think it's your best bet!  These tires look good, and from what
I hear, offer great bang for the buck in terms of handling and
treadwear.  And at under $300 for all 4......whoa!


'97 A4t auto    11.1lbs TAP
'87 BMW 325 <----  Somebody PLEASE buy this from me.