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Re: Interesting(???) Audi For Sale

> 1985 AUDI QUATTRO 4000, hi performance, 4 wheel drive,
> LIMITED edition, Recaro racing interior, BBS wheels, 
> new hi performance tires, Sony CD player, $3795, 
> 770-936-0003, will finance. Location: Chamblee, GA
> Anyone know anything about this car?

Do I know about this car!  It is a special edition Brock Yates Cannon Ball
Run Edtion.  Comes with Ansa exaust, grey leather Recaro seats, 15" BBS
mesh wheel, white, and has 58k miles but speedometer stopped 8 months ago.

Hate to say it, but this is a project car.  It needs painting, the seats
are very dry,cracked,and deformed,  the driver's seat won't slide, and the
tack has more like 158k miles or more.  What is even more funny is that
the guy is a salesman and is firm on his price.  I wouldn't buy this car
for more than $1600 and that's just because it is rare.  I went to look at
the car for a friend who has almost no choice but to buy a low priced 87
Mercedes 190.