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Re: now up to three questions . . .

>Question three: Some time ago there was a thread on getting Rain-X off your
>windshield. Well, wife bought some and I told her "Don't use this crap -
>you'll never get it off!" so she didn't - BUT a friend of hers detailed her
>car and guess what - now she knows what I was talking about - STREAK
>CITY!!! How do you get rid of this crap?????

May not be available in your area, but ClearVue(spelling may be wrong.)
It's a local glass co's glass cleaner, and it's got all sorts of nummy
things like acetone and other solvents that should zap the living daylights
out of Rain-X or anything else that chooses to inhabit your windshield.
Only recently has the stuff started showing up everywhere.  Black label
w/red printing.

However, they did change the formulation; I can tell because it smells much
differently than it used to.  Dunno what they did.  Seems slightly less

PS: Completely unrelated note, no Audi content, just felt like sharing with
the world:Peltier devices are _nifty_!  Bought 2 pads at a swap meet.  Fun
to play with!

Brett Dikeman
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