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Re: now up to three questions . . .

You Wrote:
>Question three: Some time ago there was a thread on getting Rain-X off your
>windshield. Well, wife bought some and I told her "Don't use this crap -
>you'll never get it off!" so she didn't - BUT a friend of hers detailed her
>car and guess what - now she knows what I was talking about - STREAK
>CITY!!! How do you get rid of this crap?????


	I just came from a glass shop where they used a silicone-based lubricant
to help install a particularly stubborn window. The glass guy said that he
avoids using it if at all possible for obvious reasons.

	Anyway, he had some industrial strength ("don't get this on the paint")
cleaner he used to pre-clean the silicone before flushing w/water and then
cleaning with normal window cleaner. Took it right off. You might call a
couple glass shops and see if they'll tell you what they use and/or help
you out.