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Fw: [R] Bighorn Rally Results

Looks like Frank Sprongl won another event in the Canadian Rally Series.
Sure wish he would run some more events in the US! =)

-mark nelson

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Date: Sunday, May 17, 1998 7:50 PM
Subject: [R] Bighorn Rally Results

>Final Results from the Bighorn Rally, Hinton, Alberta
>2nd event in the Canadian Rally Championship
>1. Frank Sprongl/Dan Sprongl 93 Audi Quattro 1:28:05
>2. Carl Merrill/LanceSmith 97 Ford Escort 1:29:17
>3. Tim Bendle/Nicole Molnar 72 Datsun 510 1:42:44
>4. Keith Townsend/Ross Wood 89 Toyota Corolla AWD 1:45:27
>5. Steve Barnes/Tomasz Karzynski 87 Audi Quattro 2:04:13
>6. Walter Petersen/Gil Stuart 72 Datsun 240Z 2:15:56
>DNF Barry Latreille/Sandra Latreille 93 Eagle Talon Suspension
>DNF Tom McGeer.Trish McGeer 96 Subaru Imprezza
> Suspension
>DNF Pelle Erickson/John Bellefleur 98 Volvo 940 Panhard Rod
>Regional results and notes will be posted later.
>Very heavy rain and muddy conditions meant several (all?) teams spent time
>off the road!
>Next event:  Rocky Mountain Rally, Calgary, Alberta  May 22-23,1998
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