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Re: '86CGT Power Window Problems

On Fri, 15 May 1998, Don Muirhead wrote:

> Question - has anyone relined the casing with a new cable - if so what's the 
> procedure or is better to find a used assembly and if so will a 4000 fit
> or must it be out of a CGT.

I know that this question has been answered to some extent, but I had the
problem of a frayed cable and fixed this myself by re-cabling the
regulator.  Parts: 1/16" steel cable from ACE hardware ($1), misc.
crimp-on fittings from ACE ($2), and short pieces of 1/8" steel tubing.

Procedure: Cut appropriate length of cable, crimp onto one end an
appropriate size of the 1/8" steel tubing as a "stop" to fit into the
pulley.  Next crimp on another fitting in the center for the window
"bracket."  Finally, crimp on the last piece of 1/8" tubing on the other
end and re-assemble.

I know that this is very brief, and there are a few subtle things that
need to be done.  I have done this several times (trial and error!)--just
make sure that you use stainless steel crimps so that they will stay on.
If you plan to attempt this, just let me know so I can give you a more
detailed procedure.

Jeff Blanchard
86 CGT