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RE: EM found-somebody pinch me

You cannot see the EM - no one else will know. Go for the 2-piece and you will have better perf Vs the 1-piece + Extrudehone and no cracking woes. This is a no-brainer!


 I was just talking to Didi at Carlsen and she is ordering me a new
exhaust manifold (old style one piece) for my ur-quattro. I was
expecting a price anywhere from $600 - $1200 but it will be alot less. I
was stunned and instructed her to order one today.
 I suspect that I again will be seeing a cracked EM in my life but I
keep the car looking stock by not going with the two piece.
 I have two questions. One, anybody have any suggestions I can use to
limit the posibility of cracking the new one and two, before I install
it would it be worth having it extrude honned?