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Re: 5kcstq front strut bearings

Orin Eman wrote:
> > Brian Larson wrote:
> > >
> > >      Can the top strut bearings on the front struts be changed
> > >      with the struts on the car?
> > Perhaps you could use one of the $250 clam shell style spring
> > compressors with the strut still in the car, but you'd have to compress
> > the spring VERY far to allow removal of the bearing (at least 4
> > inches)--- it's just not worth trying.  With the standard threaded shaft
> > hook style compressors, you won't be able to hook them on high enough
> > and opposite one another to adequately & safely compress the spring
> > while the strut is in the car.  (not to mention the fact that you'll be
> > lucky to get 1/4 of a turn worth of room for your wrench to
> > tighten/loosen the compressors even if you did get them on.)
> What are we talking about here?  The 'strut mounting' most definitely
> can be replaced with the strut in the car...  in fact, this is what
> you remove to get at the shock if you are replacing the shock
> without removing the strut.
> The _big_ plate with the studs (called a 'strut bearing' in the
> Bentley) does need the spring compressor to remove.
> Orin.

Take a good look at page 40.10 of the Bentley.  All you remove to take
the insert out in that strut-on-car procedure is the "strut mounting". 
The "bearing plate," "strut bearing," and "upper spring retainer" all
remain UNDER the wheelhouse, and still support the weight of the car
unless you compress the spring.  Orin's right... if all you want to
replace is the triangular plate with the rubber (dried out rubber?) you
can easily do this w/o compressing the spring or removing the strut--
just remember to match mark (preferably with something SHARP to get fine
marks,) the EXACT position of the plate in relation to the bearing plate
so as to preserve your camber setting.



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