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re: S4/S6 Bypass Valve?

>Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 10:14:21 -0600
>From: "Miller, Tim" <tjmill1@uswest.com>
>Subject: S4/S6 Bypass Valve?
>What symptoms alert you that your bypass valve needs replacing?   I have
>a 92 S4 that appears to run strong, but makes a load whoose sounds when
>the turbo lets off excess pressure.
>92 S4 w/ TAP chip

On my '91 200q, the new bypass valve eliminated a not-so-loud "whoosh"
sound that could be heard as the turbo pressure was released. The quality
of the sound probably depends on the size of the hole on the valve, etc.
Other symptom was that transitions between gears (i.e. shifting smoothness)
was not as good as it should be, since the turbo was dropping lots of rpms
between shifts.

I believe these symptoms would apply equally to the S4/S6 cars (even more
with that TAP chip).


Phil Rose		Rochester, NY
'89 100
'91 200q		pjrose@servtech.com