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5kcstq Bomb/Power Steering Pump questions

I'm a new owner of a slightly < 100k mile 88 5kcstq (still in search of  
the perfect S4) and bought it knowing from a pre-inspection that it needs 
a new bomb and that there are small leaks in the power steering pump.  
(Like Wallace has found, few people in the general public seem to keep up 
on their maintenance of these cars.)  

Based on what I've seen from the list, clearly the sooner I replace the 
bomb, the better.  

Questions:  Does it make any difference if I wait to replace the pump?  Is 
there a hydraulic system level relationship that makes it better to do the 
pump at the same time as the bomb is replaced?  Given that the original 
hydraulics in this vintage of Audis' suffered from "high blood pressure" 
can I expect the same life out of the replacement parts, or did they lower 
the pressure such that these parts will last longer before their next 

Other than that, a beautiful car for the money.

Dick Binns