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arbor press, bushing removal

Someone was asking a little while ago about the usefulness of an arbor
press in Audi work, they were getting one for carpentry.  I used the one
I inherited years ago to pop out the control arm bushings on my coupe. 
Was a piece of cake!  Just dropped a 9/16" socket (with a 3/8" (?) bolt
in it to keep it in place) on top and pushed them out.

The subframe was another story, ha ha.  But it all happened in my vise
with no injuries (goggles, hard hat, gloves...).  The recomendation to
use a large socket is a good one, but don;t buy if you don't have - I
used a 1-1/2" black pipe coupling for the smaller bushings and two small
sockets (one on each side) for the larger ones.  Also used all three of
my hands to set it up...

I imagine that the arbor press will be excellent for installing the new
ones, as well.  Let you know.

Huw Powell