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'86 4kcs Q w/ BAD Coolant leak-Water Pump?

Hey List,
I checked the archives and could not find much for some reason on this
subject, but I know many people have to change their water pumps on their

My project car now has a new project.  A really bad coolant leak.  I
checked everything.  I put some Alumaseal in it and it worked for a couple
of days. It apears to be coming from the  front around the water pump area,
but I won't be able to pull it all apart for a few more days.  So I was
wondering what you thought it was?
Deteriorated hose?-all seamed to be fine, could not tell if any hozes had
any contac in this area but did not seam so.
-Leaking core plugs-would not be coming from the area that the coolant is
     from the front near the timeing belt.
-Leaking radiator-could not find any leaks-it seam so be in great shape

-Blown Cylinder head gasket-not sure what this would look like, or if it
would 			be coming from this area-would there be a loss in power?
			what are the other symptums of this?  It does not seem I 			am having
any others.
-Leaking Water Pump or Cooling System Joints-This apears to be the problem,
the coolent leaks like a siv.  Is this the characteristics of a leaking/bad
water pump? I you have had a leaking water pump does leak in large
quantities like this?  

-Oh another note, when I top off the radiator water the thermostate light
does not flash for some reason, but when I drive it for about 8-12 minutes
it begins to flash and their is significant coolent loss(a trail of H20
following me.) 

What do you think it is?

Thankyou for your help,
Chad Frederick
'86 4kcs Q-this summers project
'96 Fat Chance MTN Bike full XTR,RACE FACE, Chris King, The works-Last
summers project(I built)