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Re: how Audis die

"Rich, Jack" <JRich@Kronos.com> wrote:

>My 2nd Fox (3rd Audi) was originally a New Hampshire car (road-salt
>capital of the U.S) and just rotted away.  When I tried to jack up the
>car to put in new front brake pads, the jack went through the frame, so
>I returned the pads and sold the car (advertised as "rust"). 


My second car, a 1975 VW Rabbit...a neat early one with no smog
controls...died this way. I needed to have some work done on the
thing...took it to a local mechanic in upstate NYC. the mechanic positioned
the car on his hydraulic lift and started to raise the thing. Well, we sat
there and listened to the lift rising...but the car sure wasn't moving.
Finally he stopped, and we looked inside...the lift *had* risen...and
pushed the floorboards to a point where they were just about even with the
glovebox. The front of the floorboard had torn away due to the rust...

I don't recall how much longer I had that car. It sure wasn't very long :)