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Re: Bleeding to death

twain mein wrote:
> I've been away from the list a long time--because I
> stopped the Audi $ hemorraghing with my leased A4. Oh
> sure, there have been some problems, but the car has
> been remarkably trouble free.
> Owning an Audi is like owning a stock that you are
> "sure is going to go up". You get a few ticks up
> every now and then which keeps you in the game. But
> sometimes, you just lose your shirt and it is time to
> bail.
> But I still want to get a URQ and my dream car is a
> 91 200 QTW...........
> Twain
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> PRESENT: 98 A4A-sport
> PAST:    89 200qtw    86 GT Coupe
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My 1987 5KCSTQ 188k miles, Is the worst car I have ever owned! Never works right, 
Allways F*cks up,
Is rusting to pieces, had F brakes (only disk and pads), R brakes New everything, 
cables, alt, starter, Many mounts, RACK!!!!
AC, windows! Shocks F&R, Top strut mount bearings, Left front CV (total axel) Ball 
joints, Rusted fuel line (left me stranded, as well as busted radiator hose, dead fool 
pump, brake line burst, dead start in the rain,
dead battery in the cold) Audi's should come with a discount coupon for AAA! Other 
things, Seat heat dead, Radio is screwed & Power annt dead, Did I say windows? , Power 
mirrors, Sunroorf, 1/2 rear window heater, Did i say door handels, Windshield washers, 
Hi Lo switch dead, Leather seat stiching fell apart after puchace, New exhahst, Many 
other things I can't even think of!

My point? Is it nobeler to suffer the slings and arrows of outragious fortune, or Own a 
better car?

I am an Engineer, and have owened everything from an MGA to several Porsche 911s.

I know you will want a 5KCSTQ with all the work already done, But my Hell is to live 
with it, because I paid for all the work (plus future) Makes it not for sale!

My two $0.01