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Re: Curses! Foiled Again! (MC vs 3B Fuel Pump)

> Brett said,
> >For fuel pump stuff, why not
> a)run the car down to near empty
> or
> b)wear gloves
> I suspect anyone whose ever done this would love to run the tank down 
> but it is damn tough to do with a Fuel pump that doesn't work! ;^)  I 
oops...excellent point :)

> use a portable pump when this happens.  While many Latex products can 
> degenerate when exposed to petroleum products, I would guess gloves can 
> hold up well to short exposures.
Nitrile gloves won't break down w/petroleum, if memory serves.  Even with
rubber, it's not exactly a fast thing...and it's better than your skin
soaking up the gas.

If you or anyone else is interested enough, I'll look in an old copy of
Lab Safety Supply I have hanging around at home(great place to get
chemical lightsticks...all shapes, sizes and colors...LOTS of
colors...great for divers!)...the LSS catalog has a chart of 
compatibility/breakdown times for the most popular industrial