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re: '86 4kcs Q w/ BAD Coolant leak-Water Pump?

Chad Frederick <fredie@u.washington.edu> wrote:
> My project car now has a new project.  A really bad coolant leak.  I
> checked everything.  I put some Alumaseal in it and it worked for a
> couple of days.

I don't think that stuff is too good for your car.  I can picture it just 
clogging up your radiator.

>  It apears to be coming from the  front around the water
> pump area, but I won't be able to pull it all apart for a few more days. 
> So I was wondering what you thought it was? Deteriorated hose?-all seamed
> to be fine, could not tell if any hozes had any contac in this area but
> did not seam so. - -Leaking core plugs-would not be coming from the area
> that the coolant is from the front near the timeing belt.

Sounds like it's leaking at or around the water pump.

> - -Blown Cylinder head gasket-not sure what this would look like, or if
> it would be coming from this area-would there be a loss in power?

I doubt it's the head gasket.

>    what are the other symptums of this?  It does not seem I am having
> any others. - -Leaking Water Pump or Cooling System Joints-This apears to
> be the problem, the coolent leaks like a siv.  Is this the
> characteristics of a leaking/bad water pump? I you have had a leaking
> water pump does leak in large quantities like this?

It could be leaking at the O-ring gasket behind the pump, or the bearings 
themselves could be toast and leaking from there.  If it's leaking like a 
sieve tho', I would expect that it's the gasket.  Could be damaged, or the 
pump could just be loose.  You never know.

> - -Oh another note, when I top off the radiator water the thermostate
> light does not flash for some reason, but when I drive it for about 8-12
> minutes it begins to flash and their is significant coolent loss(a trail
> of H20 following me.) 

Makes sense if you have a leak.
> What do you think it is?

I think it's time to replace the timing belt and water pump and idler 
pulley (if it has one?).

It's no big deal, as long as you're reasonably good with your hands.  The 
procedure is well documented in the archives, and many of us can help walk 
you through it.