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Re: Bleeding to death

"David L. Cooper" <d.cooper@ix.netcom.com> wrote:
> My 1987 5KCSTQ 188k miles, Is the worst car I have ever owned!
<history snipped> 
> My point? Is it nobeler to suffer the slings and arrows of outragious
> fortune, or Own a better car?
> I know you will want a 5KCSTQ with all the work already done, But my Hell
> is to live with it, because I paid for all the work (plus future) Makes
> it not for sale!

I often think that my Coupe GT, and older Audi's in general, is more of 
a "concept of a car" than a "car" per se.  I seem to be slowly building a 
new one from scratch, in the cool design that is: an Audi Coupe GT.

The fact that Audi built it originally makes it easier for me to design 
and construct a car of my own liking, because there is a "pattern" that 
the aftermarket can use to make parts and accessories.

I've invested too much money and sweat into this car for me to bail out 
now.  I believe I've passed the point of no return.  I'm going to see this 
car through.

I feel like I've somewhat committed myself with the purchases of the 
wheels and cam, which don't fit anything else out there.  The next step in 
sealing my indelible bond with this car (or my 4ksq), is a set of H1/H4 
eurolites.  Then, my car will truly become an heirloom.  I wont be getting 
those for a while tho'.

One of the purchases I will be making in the near future will be the 
center section of a Stebro exhaust.  This is because the "custom" pipe 
that was made between the cat and rear (only) muffler is straight where it 
should dip down to clear a bump in the floor.  When I let off the 
throttle, it quite annoyingly taps the floor (sorry if you've read this 
before, imagine living it!).  Meineke wants nearly a hundred bucks to make 
a new one.  I figure it's worth it to get what appears to be a well made, 
stainless steel unit for just under $300.  This would also add another 
muffler to quiet down my exhaust, but remain somewhat free-flowing 
according to them. This will help make my car a little less juvenile than 
I've grown to think it is.

Then later, I'll likely get the rear half, so my whole system will be 
"engineered" for the car.  Then I suppose I'll commit and get the rear 
disc brakes.

It's just too bad the market value of these cars is so low that I have to 
second guess myself everytime I spend some money on it.  So far tho', 
I think I've done a pretty good job at blocking that part out.

For example, I want to make the switch to a turbo motor in both of my 
cars, but it doesn't seem practical to do it at this point.  So, I find 
myself wanted to upgrade my NA motor further, yet I know it will be effort 
and expense sent in the wrong direction.  I wouldn't be able to carry it 
over to the turbo motors.

My current problems that I'd like to fix, the tapping pipe and my noisy 
control arm bushings, are both attributable to using non-factory parts.  I 
can't blame the car or it's designers for them, so I don't have any 
problem with undoing what's been done, or with something better.  (of 
course the cracked firewall is clearly a poor design on the part of Audi)

One thing is undeniable:  These cars do a terrific job of keeping my mind 
and body occupied, and reward me well for my efforts.  I really do love 
my car(s)!