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Component Interdependence

 -=> Matt Howe illuminates us with <=-

 MH> Howdy listers, I've got an '85 5ks with a badly leaking steering rack.
 MH> I don't mind driving a car without power steering (in fact, I like it
 MH> better at highway speeds) but if I let the steering fluid drain
 MH> completely away, I lose the vacum power assist for my brakes.  This is,
 MH> on the other hand, not acceptable.  I am wondering if I can plug the
 MH> vacum lines to my steering rack, so that I can be without steering
 MH> fluid and still brake okay.  I do plan to replace my rack, but I get
 MH> the feeling I'm pretty po' as compared to most audi owners,  so it
 MH> could be a couple of months away.  Has anyone attempted this kind of
 MH> workaround before?  I would appreciate any BTDT's. 
 MH> I can see some logic in using the same pump unit for the brakes and
 MH> steering, since you have fewer parts to break down.  I don't know if
 MH> you've ever tried to stop one of these beasts without power braking
 MH> (this is an avant by the way), but I'd consider the vacum assist to be
 MH> a critical system.  Whereas having no power steering just requires a
 MH> little more muscle for parking.  Are the newer audis designed
 MH> similarly? 
 MH> -Matt

    Don't touch anything until you get at least a basic understanding
    of how the system works on your car. There is NO vacuum assist,
    period.  It is a high pressure "bomb" system.  A rebuilt rack
    will cost around $230 and an afternoon to replace. There is
    plenty of info on this in the archives, albeit I personally
    find the Quattro archives a royal PITA to sift through.


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