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high (???) mileage Urquattro...what to do now??

Hi q-friends

I talked to the owner of the 88 Urquattro for sale here in Finland today. 
The car is apparently in exceptional condition, original paint except for
hood (bonnet), interior intact, original 8" Ronals etc.  The car is
situated approximatery 7 hours drive away from me.  Ouch.  The car has 370
000 km on the odometer. Double ouch.  Price FIM 120 000 (USD 20 000 or so).
 Ouch again.

Apparently PO had lower-end rebuild, hone/new rings etc. done (40 000 km
ago), and some trans rebuild (no details) some time earlier.  What
experiences do you have with high mileage (I think this qualifies)

The MB is only slightly more popular here in Finland, as there are
apparently 5 to ten cars in existence, than the RR (still crying) with only
that one lost car.  BTW, that particular car did not go to a good home,
even though the guy paid much over 200 000 FIM for it (USD 40 000 / GBP 25
000) with 150 000 km on the odo.  He has banged it up a few times and
apparently the car has aged more in the last six months than it ever did in
its first eight years of existence.

Anyhow, getting back to MB (closer to) reality, should I bother taking
close to a 14 hour trip (plus the inspection) to go look at this??  Phil -
how high is your mileage, is seem to recall that your car was fairly
"experienced" ?

Jouko Haapanen
Pori, Finland
trying to save Urquattros from national extinction