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vibration when turning left?

A few weeks ago I got my POS Goodyears replaced with some Bridgestones. 
The tires are a great improvement, but I've noticed that when turning
left at highway speeds, there is a strong vibration from the front end,
especially noticable in the steering wheel.  At first I thought it might
just be one of the tires was bumpy and it would wear smooth, but now
I've got around 1500-2000 miles on them with no improvement.
Last weekend, I tried switching the two front tires, but there was no
improvement.  (Though I did notice that the bolts on the right wheel
were considerably easier to take off than the bolts on the left
wheel--maybe half as much torque).
Could this be a problem with the tires?  I'm not sure if it was
happening before or not because one of the Goodyears was worn crooked so
the steering wheel always vibrated.  The car is a FWD, not quattro.


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