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high (???) mileage Urquattro...what to do now??

In message <199805191926.WAA29841@vtoy.fi> "Jouko Haapanen" writes:

> Anyhow, getting back to MB (closer to) reality, should I bother taking
> close to a 14 hour trip (plus the inspection) to go look at this??  Phil -
> how high is your mileage, is seem to recall that your car was fairly
> "experienced" ?

Personally, I'd go to a 231000 mile ur-quattro just out of pure
curiosity.  Triple ouch - MBs with a third of the mileage have traded in
the UK at less than USD11000 in the last six months.  You wouldn't get
_mine_ for that, but that's another issue.  At least one of them was
sold because it "performed like a dog and always had done" - the fix was
a new WOT switch!

231000 is a lot of miles.  Over 2 1/2 times the UK national average.

Mine has 164000 miles on it.  I've actually had very few problems that
were directly related to the _mileage_ - most of them have been related
more to the _age_.  Ticking lifters at 120k, etc.   John Robinson is
over 180k now, but his has been rebored.

Perhaps I should send you my spreadsheet - are you equipped to receive

 Phil Payne
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