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purchase advice on 89 200TQ (long, but your input appreciated!)

Hi list,

The car is late '89 200TQ, with airbag, black ext/grey leather barcaloungers,
and ugly (I think) metallic trim across bottom of doors with 4 rings logo.
Shows 116k on the clock, but engine components look pretty corroded, like it
has seen more miles than that.  Engine is smooth, however, as is the
shifter/tranny.  No rack leak, bomb ok, electrics ok.


hydraulic pump looks really old and corroded.  Not leaking, but I figure the
seals are about to give.

a/c compressor is seized up--it actually smokes when engaged, and drags the
alternator output down from 13V to 10V.  I hope they are keeping the cc off
condensor may need to be changed as well as a result of compressor damage.

Oil pan gasket leaking moderately.  Valve cover gasket leaking slightly.
Fortunately, turbo lines are dry and clean.

there is a football sized dent in hood, and the collision caused one of the
hood hinges to loosen somehow so that the hood doesn't pivot properly unless
you yank on the hood and pull it into alignment first.  I'll have to take a
closer look to figure out what's wrong exactly.

One headlight has water entry.

CV boots look good, CVjoints, wheel bearings sound and feel fine.

Negotiated price: $3200.  Is it a BUY ?


87 5kcst