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Re: New S4 Info


I had a chance to spend some time behind the wheel of a beautiful
Nogaroblue S4 sedan a couple of weeks ago.

re:(1) Yes carbon trim is very nice, but it seems 50% of the cars had been
built with the optional (no-cost) aluminum trim, which is the nicest
aluminum trim (of the half-dozen or so) available on Audis now.

re:(2) The white dials are gone, but the dials are kinda grey backed now. 
Looks good and easy to read, no problem while driving.  :^)

re:(3) Yep.

re:(4) The trim is actually not black, but a sort of anodized charcoal, or
metallic dark gray.

re:(5) Nogaroblue and Imola Yellow popular in Ingolstadt.  The most common
of the colors seemed to be silver.  Very classy.  Then again, these cars
were not ordered by customers...

Jouko Haapanen
Pori, Finland

From: Derek Daily <ddaily@mitsuicomtek.com>
To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net
Subject: New S4 Info
Date: 20. toukokuuta 1998 01:51

Just had a chance to take a peek at the brochure.  Already found a couple
interesting things.

(1)  Carbon (real) dash trim is back (and beautiful)!
(2)  White Dials gone?!
(3)  Still have the light colored door handles inside (after many published
complaints from mag long-term tests about discoloring)
(4)  Black trim around doors (ala A4t), chrome trim around grill (ala
A42.8).  Pretty easy "poser" conversion for those with the single turbo
(aside from the front air dam and aluminum S4 door stile (ala WMB, argh).
(5)  Great colors.  Little chance NA will ever see half the range though I
suppose.  Bright yellow, blue, metallic med. green are really sporty. 
While the pearl effect santorin and charcoal are very stately.  Anyone
wanna bet on US availability? (pearl wht, silver, blk, red, drk. grn and
maybe blue as a long shot?)