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Re: 1988 5KSQ New Owner Questions ("Bomb", Headlights, OXS Warning Light)

Christopher J. Ritchie wrote:
> Been going through this car and the "Bentley", repairing and sorting out
> some items.  Queries:
> 1.  The brake pressure accumulator ("bomb") is getting weak.  How long
> before it fails? 
Answer: You should get a warning light from your "check system". This
should happen when the "sender" located in the master cylinder detects a
differencial pressure between its pressure and the "bomb" stored
pressure. Failure will not be catastrophic unless your engine has "died"
and you face a "full emergency stop" from higher speeds. A good "Bomb"
can store pressures (when hydraulic pump is good) in excess of 2000
> 2.  One of the headlights has water vapor condensed on the inside of the
> lens.  The other one has a slight crack.  Are these conditions  harmful?
> Output seems OK.  Is it fixable, or do the headlights need replacing?  If
> replacing, isn't there an upgrade?  The headlights are Hellas.  They appear
> to be OEM.
> Answer:
OEM headlights are a very weak point in your car model/year. Suggest
removing bulb and routing a suitable hose from a hair dryer.... The
final solution but expensive is the replacement of your OEM headlights,
with a set of "eurolights". Depending on availability and sourcing aroun
$450 per side. 

> 3.  My oxygen sensor warning light does not come on when the ignition is
> first switched on.  I note that the owner's manual indicates (with an *)
> that this is an optional item.  Optional???  Before I go taking the
> instrument panel out to check the bulb and tracing the circuit, can someone
> tell me if a warning light is supposed to be there.
Do not know answer for your paricular model
> 4.  What is the faint humming noise near the glove compartment when the
> ignition is on?  It is not the fuel pump.  I know that sound and location.
Answer: Probably a small fan located underneath the cabin temperature
sensor, which in turn is located in the center of your dashboard. A one
inch square grid. If you produce some reasonable smoke in its proximity
you should see the smoke being dragged in.

> 5.  The "Bentley" does not seem contain scheduled service and regular
> maintenance recommendations.  At least I couldn't find them.  Where are
> these specified?
Answer: A red maintenance booklet the accompanies the User Manual
contains intervals in time, mileage and areas involved.
> 6.  I found a listing of the Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) for this
> model.  Where can I find the full text?  If anyone has seen them, are they
> something worth obtaining?
Answer: I don't know, suggest Audi of America or some other "lister" may
Hope this helps (HTH)