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Re: quattro-digest V4 #2237

Good luck finding a used engine anywhere. I've had a few in the past, but you
do not see them often. Last I checked, 3.6V8's were fetching $1500-2000. For
the $4500, it sounds like you will get the job done right. Pay the money, You
could not replace the car for $4500.


Lawrence C Katzenstein wrote:

> Hi guys,
>    I'm back because my instincts were right about my V-8. The engine just
> blew at 112K. Anyway, the dealer, Maplewood Imports, is now estimating
> that the job will cost $4500. What should I do?
>    Options-1. Fix the engine and pay the money
>            2. Find a 3.6 or 4.2 in a boneyard.
>            3. Sell it to the Maplewood tech, but for how much?
>            4. Trade it to them for another car off their lot (1991
>            200TQ with 168K or 1990 BMW 325 4dr, 5 sp with 100K. are
>            current candidates).
>            5. Any other option I haven't thought of.
>    Apparently the engine blew because something called a key which holds
> the crankshaft in place cracked. There are valves and pistons all over the
> place except where they should be.
>           Thanks again for your help.
> Larry Katzenstein