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Re: vibration when turning left?

Sean_Ford@idx.com wrote:

> I'm having my '92 100CS FWD left front wheel bearing replaced on Friday at
> Central St. Garage in Natick, MA. I suspect that the replacement is
> virtually the same for our cars. The wheel bearing is $75 and approx 2
> hours labor. So I guess we're looking at $175 - $200.

Does anyone consider it a little odd to have wheel bearings go on such
relatively new cars? I don't know how many miles you have, Sean, but I
think Elliott is under 60k.

I've been having weird vibration problems with my 1993 90 since 22k miles,
now over 64k. Happens on a slight down-hill as you ease up on the gas,
around 55-65 MPH... Doesn't sound like the same thing, but...

1993 90CS 64k