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Re: Quattro at half price?

Congratulations.  Just don't hit anything.  You might end up with less than
1/2 of your life.

Ralph Poplawsky
'91 200Q

At 01:23 PM 5/19/98 -0700, ptimmerm@mashtun.JPL.NASA.GOV wrote:
>    I bought a new car this weekend, and it's so good I
>thought a few of you might like to hear about it.  It is 
>an all-wheel-drive turbo car.  Some of the goodies include JE 
>forged pistons, custom wrist pins, variable timing dual overhead 
>cams, Electromotive TEC II engine management, custom hybrid
>Garret VATN turbo, Hand Fabricated aluminum radiator and
>intercooler, thin wall AL tig welded intake tract with
>a K&N cone filter and a cold air box, custom exhast manifold
>with turbonetics wastegate and a greddy blow-off vavle.
>     Only two problems as far as this list is concerned.  First
>it is Japanese, and second it only has five cylinders and
>1.6 liter displacement.  Some of you remember the discussion about 
>claim that a 323GTX was "a Quattro at half the price".  That was
>motor trend or someone innane like that who said it.  Some even went 
>so far as to say it was just a little Japanese rattle box. Even said
>"half a quattro at half the price".  
>   One question.  Does anyone have a quattro for sale for 5K or less
>that will do 0-60mph in low 5's?  If so, I may come back to the fold.
>paul timmerman (your humble gadfly)