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On the road again!

	Finally got to drive the black Ď87 5KTQ again last night.  Thereís still a
bit of work to
do, though.
	The Ď91 10v turbo engine is in place and is running.  The K-24 turbo sounds a
different than the K-24, sounds just like an S-4 I drove once (but couldnít
afford at the
time.)  I put the stock wastegate spring in, so max boost is 1.3 bar, but
backs off to 1.2 bar
most of the time.  I was quite gentle getting to max boost.  Only in second or
third gear
and only for short periods.  The really GOOD news for me is that I was seeing
the 1.2-1.3
by about 2000 rpm and did not have my foot to the floor.
	Iíve got the 1.6 and 1.8 bar springs from Scott Mockry, so after I get a few
miles on the engine Iíll do some ďresearchĒ.  I know a couple long stretches
where thereís
almost no traffic.
	The only negative part is the confounded injectors.  When I first start the
car only
one or two of them will work.  The car lopes along until the others open up,
then it runs
better, but still not right.  I forgot to ask DADíS how long the engine had
been sitting.  I did
put the injectors in carb cleaner for the past few weeks while I was doing the
install, but
that doesnít seem to have helped.  At the moment Iím tempted to try some
cleaner/lube stuff.  Probably Techron, maybe a bit of two stroke oil as well,
I donít know
yet.  If anyone has had any luck getting injectors to ďunstickĒ please let me
know.  The
engine I purchased had 77K miles on it, so I guess it must have been sitting a
while ( or
the p.o. was using very cheap gas.)
	I guess I got stuff back together correctly.  There were no puddles of oil or
under after I drove it, let it sit for three hours before I looked.  (There
was a bit of Pentosin,
but it was doing that already, havenít traced down the leak yet.)  The
radiator fan works like
itís supposed to, the injector cooling fan worked.  The gauges (what gauges?,
this is a 5K!)
worked like they were supposed to.
	I did learn that it is much easier to work on the front of the engine with
the grill and
intercooler out of the way.  No skinned knuckles from trying to reach bolts
and nuts on the
front of the engine.  I suspect Iíll pull those parts out of the way next time
I need to change
an alternator or fan belt,  or anything else where I think Iíll be working
behind the
	This car has been in the shop since Christmas week.  I found out that no
how hard you try to segregate the nuts and bolts, some manage to walk off.
Especially if
other people walk through the shop area.  It took me almost two hours (off and
on) to find
one pair of bolts that hold the a/c compressor in place.  A good bit of time
was spent trying
to find the right fastener.  A GREAT deal of time was spent cleaning all the
stuff that went
back in.  I was amazed at how many aluminum (aluminium) parts there were in
the engine
area that were not black anodized like they appeared to be.  Some are gold
tinted, many
have the natural finish.  Was also surprised at how many of the bolts are 8.8
grade (if you
clean the heads you can read them.)
	At this time this is about all I have to report.  Have to head to Missouri
for a few
days so wonít get to do anything extra for a while.  But once I have all the
parts back on
(bumper, grill, etc.) Iíll go out and play a while, then send an update to the
q-list.  Then
after I do the ďresearchĒ with Scottís springs, Iíll send out some additional

     Marty Liggins
     Imperial Potentate, Bucksnort Quattro Club (Un-Inc.)