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Removing Rain-X

BonAmi scouring powder will get it off.  Although I've been a Rain-X user
for over a decade and have to believe that you just haven't been applying
it correctly.  We have a car that has never been Rain-X'd that has the 
same streaking and smearing problems that the old car on which much of 
the Rain-X has worn off has.  So my bet is either the application didn't
go right or you forgot how bad regular is.

It's not too different from how people who have just started wearing glasses
think their eyes have gotten worse FROM WEARING THE GLASSES, because of how
fuzzy things are now without.  The real reason is that they have a better
point-of-comparison now.


>Steve Manning wrote:
>> At 11:12 AM 5/17/98, Mike Arman wrote:
>> >Question three: Some time ago there was a thread on getting Rain-X off your
>> >windshield. Well, wife bought some and I told her "Don't use this crap -
>> >you'll never get it off!" so she didn't - BUT a friend of hers detailed her
>> >car and guess what - now she knows what I was talking about - STREAK
>> >CITY!!! How do you get rid of this crap?????
>> I'm a reformed Rain-X user.  I used to love the stuff, but if you don't
>> keep up with putting it on you are in trouble.  Now I go to keeping the
>My experience has been the same. Used the stuff for about a month, then
>gave up. That was three years ago, and I still can't get the residue off
>the glass.
>The colder the weather, the worse the smearing, streaking and film get. At
>night, it's damn hard to see anything through the glass when on-coming lights
>strike it... It's so bad, I've considered replacing the windshield.