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RE: Crazy Idea No.2

Other things to keep in mind.  The piston skirts on turbo motor pistons have
been clearanced for the oil squirters.  If you were to put NA pistons in a
turbo block, you'll damage either the pistons, or the oil squirters...  You
may also have a problem with valve meeting the piston tops, due to different
shapes and different lift and duration between the NA and turbo cams...

Food to dissuade crazy ideas from becoming crazy actions.

	Harrison wrote:

> I think that the title to this e-mail says it all: CRAZY. Wouldn't this be
> like
> sticking a turbo on a NA engine and blowing pistons or connecting rods?
> harrison
> Tony Lum wrote:
> > Hey gang,
> >
> > Has anyone tried increasing the compression of the turbo engines by
> using
> > pistons from NA engines during a rebuild?  Then you could get some low
> end
> > grunt and even back off on the boost.  It probably wouldn't pass CA smog
> > anymore, and you would certainly have to remap the fuel curve...just a
> thought
> >
> > -Tony