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re: cracked windshield

Seems everybody has an expensive cure for the windshield crack.  My fix is
cheap, (usual disclaimers apply) however, I have used it for temporary fix
before to stop the crack from going further.  

Use a glass cutter tool or anything that will scribe on glass. (I saw someone
use a diamond ring one time)  At the end of the crack, scribe an ARC with the
ends of the arc passing lower than the end of the glass crack.  The crack may
go as far as the arc but I have yet to see one go beyond.

See if it works for you (if you haven't already replaced the glass)

Phil  (Sdthrl)

86 4KCSQ   52K  (eat your heart out)
87 5KSQ  96K (only glass sunroof in the world)

p.s.  Anyone have the trunk tail light lense to make my "S" look like the