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Trunklid struts and spoilers

Hi all,

After getting my new car, I noticed that the trunklid didn't come up as
easily as that on my old 80. I'd already noticed that the printing on those
struts said 'VW 0000 SPOILER', and sure enough, my old 80 had the
flush-type rear spoiler.
Now my 'new' 90q has a spoiler as well, the free-standing type. The
trunklid struts have no 'SPOILER' on them, though.

So- if you need new struts, check out if there's a version for your
specific car first. I have a feeling that mine will wear out a lot

BTW this car has a hood strut, too. Cool! I've always wanted a car that had

1987 90q 10v (free of smoke odour for now, headlining semi-clean)

PS Hah! Now I _finally_ get to experience the same problems as all you
guys! ;-)

 Tom Nas                                          Zeist, The Netherlands

    "We don't like their sound, and guitar music is on the way out."
                --Decca Recording Co. rejecting the Beatles, 1962.