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audi @ le mans, formula 1 plans

from the autosport web site....

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q

Audi GT To Debut Within Three Months

The open-top sports racing car with which Audi will compete at Le Mans next
year will run with in the next three months according to sources. 

Audi sport's boss, Dr Wolfgang Ullrich still refuses to be drawn into the
company's plans, however, it is believed the chassis will be ready by the end
of July. 

The new Audi is to be built in conjunction form Italian constructor Dallara and
is powered by a twin-turbo V8 driving the rear wheels only. 

The company are believed to have opted for an open top sports racer after
having witnessed Ferrari's win at Daytona earlier this year. However, after
witnessing Le Mans pre-qualifying, where GT 1 cars out paced sports racing
cars, the company is believed to be considering changing the car to GT1

It is also rumoured that VW, Audi's parent company, are working on a
turbodiesel engine for a GT chassis which could be seen in the Audi by the year


German car giants Volkswagen are likely to enter Formula 1 after an assault on
Le Mans, according to German sources, probably with it's prestige marque, Audi.

It seems unlikely that a Formula 1 programme could be considered until 2002.
Despite denials by the company it is understood they are keen to enter Formula

Recent reports in the German press have also suggested that VW have approached
Michael Schumacher about driving for the company if and when it enters Formula
1. Schumacher's manager, Willi Weber has denied the rumours.