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Re: New S4 Info

>>> "Jouko Haapanen" <joukoh@vtoy.fi> - 5/19/98 8:49 PM >>>

I had a chance to spend some time behind the wheel of a beautiful
Nogaroblue S4 sedan a couple of weeks ago.

>>>Proves just how liquid these things are.  The brochure(s) has numerous photos of the S4 in bright yellow and bright blue (ala RS2) guise.  However, upon rechecking the farbe list, there is NO such color ;-)

re:(1) Yes carbon trim is very nice, but it seems 50% of the cars had been
built with the optional (no-cost) aluminum trim, which is the nicest
aluminum trim (of the half-dozen or so) available on Audis now.

>>>Perhaps even better.... I do like the "depth" the woven fibre makes though.  Also, aluminum can be scratched, dented (by passengers with feet on the dash...argh), knees after braking ;-)

re:(2) The white dials are gone, but the dials are kinda grey backed now. 
Looks good and easy to read, no problem while driving.  :^)

>>>Actually, I might prefer the look of the dark gauge face, but with the short 6 speed shifter and carbo fibre trim, the attitude of the white dials is more than appropriate.

re:(4) The trim is actually not black, but a sort of anodized charcoal, or
metallic dark gray.

>>>Wow.  Perfect on the Charcoal pearl effect body!

Are they delaying your orders with this manifold "issue"?  Sounds a likely excuse to delay shipments to the US.

Thanks for your feedback, 

90 CQ
86 VW qsw