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Checked WOT and ECU on 5kcstq...

Thanks to Orin for suggesting that I check the WOT switch on the 212k-mile
5kcstq that I drove, which felt a little low on power. The switch is fine
(at least in the steady-state, wide open test) and I do not notice any
intermittent driving behavior. While driving the car this time, I made
sure to really accelerate, and the boost gauge went to 1.2 bar and stayed

I checked the ECU fault codes too and got a 4444--no problems. Thanks to
Scott Mockry's pages for the how-to on that.

Again, the car isn't dead or anything, but it doesn't feel as fast as I
believe other 5kcstq's do. Let me know if I should check anything else, or
otherwise I'll plan on shopping for a different 5kcstq. But this one does
have the Fuchs wheels...

- Wallace White
  seeking 5kcstq