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strapping an intercooler

>>2.  Hose clamps.  If you can't find one big enough, put two together.
>>This is what I did.  However, on my 86, there isn't any insulation
>>strips (like black foam) between the IC and the front grill.  I looked
>>at an 87 and I don't think you can get a hose clamp around the IC
>>without removing the front grill first.  YMMV on this one...
>You can snake the hose clamp in without removing anything (at least on an
>'89 200tq).  It's a bit tricky but it goes.  It may be necessary to attach
>2 or 3 together to get enough length to go all the way aroung the IC.
>  I vote for the hose clamps.

harbor freight tools (800-423-2567)
stainless steel hose clamp kit
12.7mm x 3m
cat # P-1153
about $5


ps - my sshc kit is waiting for an excuse to remove the grille...

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