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Re: Strut-o-rama

Osman Parvez wrote:
> Hey folks,
>        About a year ago I looked into getting a suspension set up for my 89
> 200q. I had decided on Eric Fletcher's set up, but for strictly monetary
> reasons I couldn't do it. I decided to let it wait a bit. Well, now i'm
> back looking for struts. I need to get a set and have them installed (along
> with new subframe bushings) within the next two weeks. I've decided against
> Eric's set up for $$$$ reasons.
> I'm gonna stick with the stock springs. RD Ent. says that Koni Yellow's
> work for the front but the Rear struts have been discontinued. They do have
> Boge OEM replacements for under $300 for the entire set.

Please also check with TC Kline Racing (inside cover of '97 and '98 SCCA
Solo rules) at 614.771.7744 in Ohio. I got my Koni yellows (4kq) from
them at _far_ below others' prices (~$480 for four). They are a big BMW
house, but Michael was "familiar" with different Audi models.

> It seems that some people on the list complained about the Yellows

Dunno why. They're bitchin'!

> getting one that was dead from the start) so I'm a little shy about those.

'87 4kq
'89 MC 200q