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Re: Bilstein sports & S4 pics

What would "specially valved" mean in this application ('93 S4)? It isn't
like "secret sauce" is it? Been trying to figure that one out for a long

Seriously though, does it mean:
A) Modified compression stroke rate,
B) Modified rebound rate,
C) Other "Double Secret" modifications,
D) All of the above,
E) None of the above.

If Bilstein has made an application for a particular car, then by default
isn't it already "specially valved."

Frank "I am only out here seeking knowledge..."

PS: Have you ever seen so many " " marks in one post?
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>Sport Wheels (Glenwood Springs, CO) has Bilsteins they had specially valved
>for the S4s - and were made to match up well with the Eibach springs.  I
>see if I can find the box they came in and whether there were part no.s on
>I love my set-up.  The cost was about $1k for complete set of Eibachs and
>Bilsteins.  You may also want to try RD Enterprises - they advertise in
>Car and some of the other car mags - they are very reasonable - but they
>only have Koni sports.