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Re: Checked WOT and ECU on 5kcstq...

On Wed, 20 May 1998, Douglas Hurst Quebbeman wrote:

> > Again, the car isn't dead or anything, but it doesn't feel as fast as I
> > believe other 5kcstq's do. Let me know if I should check anything else, or
> > otherwise I'll plan on shopping for a different 5kcstq. But this one does
> > have the Fuchs wheels...
> What kind of gas did the car have in it? The ECU dials
> back the ignition timing for lower octane fuel.

It's running on 87 octane (R+M/2). The guy says he always used 91 until a
year ago or so. I see that the manual says 87 is fine. I suppose I could
try it with 91, but the other one I drove was on 87 (I think). Also, I
checked the fault codes right afterwards, and it didn't report anything;
doesn't it report retarded timing? Maybe not. I'll have to check the code
list again.

- Wallace White
  seeking 5kcstq