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Re: Spring/Shock Combo's

> > The brace will conquer the body roll famously.  I bet the 4kq would
> > benefit from a rear brace as well, but it occurs to me that my 2wd coupe
> > doesn't have rear struts to brace anyway...
> It does have strut towers.  They are thinner and smaller
> however, but they are still there.

I thought the rear suspension positioning of the coupe just depended on
those trailing arm thingies and the panhard rod - there are no real
struts per se, just shock absorbers.  My point being... bracing the top
of them wouldn't do much because they don't control the position of the
rear tires the way the front struts do at the other end.

I could of course be way off here.  (It's a habit I probably won't ever
kick...)  But isn't that why some people suggested a sway bar would be
more beneficial than a brace in the rear?

Huw Powell