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85 UrQ Whacked by SUV

Last evening on the way home from work, my 85 UrQ got rear-ended by a new SUV 
(an Isuzu Rodeo, so not a _really large_ SUV).  A bit more than a tap, but not 
a really hard hit.

Pulled over, got out and examined the damage.  A few minor scratches on the 
bumper cover (nothing that wouldn't buff out), taillight lens- slight crack, 
reflector below lens: slight crack and pressed in about 1/8".  Didn't even 
break the paint on the metal.

Then I look at the Rodeo... looked like two different accidents.  Front bumper 
cover ripped, grill busted, valence bashed in, fender crumpled badly. My guess: 
$2500-3000 in repairs.

Very apologetic guy looked at his damage, then looked at mine and mused that 
the Audi must have "significant hidden damage".   Was amazed that the 
"fiberglass fender flares" didn't crack... said they must have been "done very 

Interesting "coincidence": Rodeo had just been picked up from body shop... had 
new grill, bumper, valence, hood and fenders.

Bill Elliott
Lake Mills, WI
Doing my best to increase Glen's and AudiDudi's 85 UrQ values