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high speed balancing

	I get my Coupe GT's wheels high speed _balanced_, is there such a thing as
high speed alignment? For the balancing, they isolate one corner of the car at
a time and get that wheel rotating- you should see the door shake! The guy
stops the wheel, throws weight on there and repeats until it's just right
(smooth). This balancing technique balances the whole rotating mass, which
includes the rotors; the car rolls like a soap box derby champ. Surprisingly,
it costs very little; $7 per wheel or so. Those fancy computerized wheel
balancers at the chain stores are for their convenience and work well enough
for the general public. Here in San Diego, I go to Clarence Brown Alignment,
who advertise in The Windblown Witness, the local Porsche Club newsletter. 
	Note: If you remove a wheel for any reason, you must mark it's orientation on
the hub so it goes back on in harmony.
Is there more to know on this? I'm not an automotive engineer and acknowledge
any errors of understanding.

Question: Is the Haynes manual worth buying? I have the Bentley but find most
of it greek. (glad I kept my 16V scirocco Bentley: I use it to decipher the
Audi Bentley)
Shane East
'85 C-GT