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Re: windscreens and such

Where do you get it?

Mike Miller wrote:
> you might try cerium oxide..
> mike miller
> 91 200q
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> From: geo <gamills@ns.sympatico.ca>
> To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
> Date: Wednesday, May 20, 1998 4:42 PM
> Subject: windscreens and such
> >Whilst buying the family grocs I ended up parked next to another
> >owdiphile and we struck up a conversation (I know, unusual). We
> >got talking about pitting of the subject and what might be done
> >about it, other than a new one.  He indicated he was into stained
> >glass and rollin' stones (lapidary stuff) and thought that tin
> >oxide might help to smooth the leading edges of the pits down
> >making it less blinding when you are heading into the sun.  He
> >indicated it would take a lot of elbow grease to get any results
> >even with a buffer, but it might be worth a shot.  At this point
> >a couple of boys as tall a Mike Jordan show up and say 'come on
> >Dad, we gotta get going or we're gonna be late.'  End of
> >conversation.
> >
> >Anyone tried this or something similar?
> >
> >And yes, I'm a tried and true Bon Ami user.  Used to use a bottle
> >of coke in days gone by, but BA is better.
> >
> >Geo
> >

keith simpson
wolfeboro, nh