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Re: 85 UrQ Whacked by SUV

   Last evening on the way home from work, my 85 UrQ got rear-ended by a new SUV 
   (an Isuzu Rodeo, so not a _really large_ SUV).  A bit more than a tap, but not 
   a really hard hit.

   Pulled over, got out and examined the damage.  A few minor scratches on the 
   bumper cover (nothing that wouldn't buff out), taillight lens- slight crack, 
   reflector below lens: slight crack and pressed in about 1/8".  Didn't even 
   break the paint on the metal.

   Then I look at the Rodeo... looked like two different accidents.  Front bumper 
   cover ripped, grill busted, valence bashed in, fender crumpled badly. My guess: 
   $2500-3000 in repairs.

My mechanic says the same thing happened to him. When I went out to look
at the damage, I could see that something had brushed against the back
bumper, and it was marred a bit. They had to flatbed out the Explorer
(I think, mighta been Bronco?)...