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Re: Spring/Shock Combo's

> > I thought the rear suspension positioning of the coupe just depended on
> > those trailing arm thingies and the panhard rod - there are no real
> > struts per se, just shock absorbers.  My point being... bracing the top
> > of them wouldn't do much because they don't control the position of the
> > rear tires the way the front struts do at the other end.
> Huw is correct here.  There is no rigidity in the shock/spring rear
> struts.  The rear wheels are positioned by the trailing arms, the
> Panhard rod, and the torsion axel.

Maybe I should rephrase that.
There are shock towers that you could tie together just like in the 
VW Golf / Scirroco's triangular stress bars (their suspension also 
positions the wheels without the help of the shocks).  Although the rear 
firewall does a good job anyway on the Audis.  I was just saying if you want to go 


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