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Sneak preview: TT

Back when the TT and TTs were just studys I saw these chunky, 4
cylinder, quattro-wannabe's. Where's the spyder? W12 Avus??

Now that I've seen the TT in production form (on the net), I want one.
225hp, syncro, 6speed tranny, 17in wheels-- and more aluminum than
Alcoa. Little details such as the speedo needle hub and vent-trim out
Boxster the Boxster.

Styling might be a little much for some-- I think my A4's styling is a
little bland and I think the A6 is a handsome car. (Adding the rear
quarter-window really helped un-chunk the TT.)

I will hold off on buying one until I see one in the flesh-

I really can't wait to see if the twin intercooler, brakes and wheels
from the TT will bolt into my 97 turbo.

Jason Palmer
97 A41.8Tq mtm