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D60A2 Tires on a V8

Just finished 700mile trip on a new set of D60A2 Dunlops on my 90 V8.
They replaced a set of the same model tires with 66k miles on them.
Would have done more miles but rotations were not often enough so fronts
were shot while rears still had some life in them.  The JLB design tires
are much quieter than the pre-JLBs though I don't think noise and JLB
are related.  I had not noticed over time that I was not hearing the V8
anymore over the tire noise.  Much better.
Roland Broberg
W319N657 Shagbark Glen
Delafield, WI 53018-2818
Current: 90V8Q, 86 4K, 91 100  Fmr: 86 5KTQ, 84 5K